Maths & Physics Specialist Centre 
Cycles Learning Centre is an institution dedicated to enhance student learning by providing proper training. 

Who We Are 

CYCLES Learning Centre is founded and directed by Gelareh K. and Erfan A. who are professional educators with diverse experience and strong track record maintaining high standards of education. 


MA in Education at King’s College London 
Teaching certification from the University of Cambridge 
Understanding Methodology and Using Resources certification from the University of Cambridge 
I am Gelareh, a lecturer of English and Maths with more than 30 years experience teaching the age range 3 to 18 in schools and adult learners in higher education levels and language schools (EFL and ESL). 
I have extensive experience in curriculum development and syllabus design and have supervised, trained and monitored teachers in primary and secondary schools. I also have teaching experience in an IB school as a PYP teacher. 
Placing emphasis on life long learning and learner autonomy, I have modified and designed a methodology in teaching in which the learners’ differences and different learning strategies are valued as it is proven that lessons tailored to learners’ needs foster motivation, self esteem and self efficacy. I researched and piloted this approach for 7 years before evaluating it through my dissertation at King’s College London which turned out to be an “effective” and “innovative” teaching method. 
I am the mother of two adorable twins, a daughter and a son. Teaching is my passion and I strive to make a change for better in the world of education meanwhile I enjoy walking, cooking and art the most in my free time. 


MSc Advanced Motorsport Engineering 
MSc Automotive Engineering 
BSc Mechanical Engineering 
Teaching certification from the University of Cambridge 
Understanding Methodology and Using Resources certification from the University of Cambridge 
I am a lecturer teaching engineering. I have been teaching Mathematics and Physics for 15 years in GCSE, A-Level and HE ( Higher Education) levels as well as English for Academic Purposes and English for Specific Purposes to students who have English as an additional language (EAL). 
Having worked with numerous students, I believe the key reason many of them struggle in maths and physics is the fact that these are not properly linked to real-life situations/problems in their lessons. Once students relate these subjects to their simple everyday principles, their mind is automatically set to look for solution. This process can be implemented through an inquiry based process approach which I have been adopting to make the process of learning an enjoyable life-long journey. 
My passion is Aeronautics. And I spend most of my free time on my favourite subjects including Formula 1 and High-Fidelity Systems. 


Cycles Learning Centre is comprised of brilliant and skilled academics who have dedicated themselves to the lifelong commitment of education. Scholastically-inclined and intellectually apt, our instructors have extensive career records and well-built education backgrounds that serve as the foundation of our teaching methodologies. 


One of the primary missions of Cycles Learning Centre is concerned with the holistic development and intellectual growth of our learners. 
We aim to create an educational learning environment that puts a huge level of importance on value and feedback, and our educators guarantee that our methods encourage collaboration and positive thinking, scaffold motivation and foster refelctive behaviour. 


Inquiry-based Process Education 
The core of our learning processes at Cycles Learning Centre starts with questioning and provoking curiosity. Unlike the traditional techniques wherein the students become solely passive to knowledge and information, the inquiry-based approach urges learners to engage and actively participate. 
We empower our students to learn how to learn autonomously, whilst making sure that they are facilitated and exposed well to authentic quality education, attention and tuition. 
Alternative Assessment Strategies 
The educators of Cycles Learning Centre employ authentic assessment models and alternative evaluation strategies to gauge the level of growth and improvement of our learners. The alternative instruments that we use are specifically designed by our instructors to adapt and properly contextualise the environment of the students. The authentic evaluative strategy also makes room for complete feedback, with instructor-student discussions that note and value the learners’ development and growth. 





Exam Preparation Courses 


Homework Support & Home Learning 


Special Educational Needs 


Higher Education 

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