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Cycles Learning Centre - Learning through Quality Training 
Committed to promoting student learning through inquiry-based process instruction, Cycles Learning Centre is a leading educational institution that offers tuition in core subjects for varied purposes and varying educational levels throughout South West. 


Cycles Learning Centre welcomes all students and learners in pre-school and reception, primary school (KS1, KS2) and secondary school (KS3, KS4-GCSE and A-Level) and higher education .  
For all levels and courses, our students can be assured that Cycles Learning Centre will conduct both group and individual feedback sessions for proper pacing and monitoring of the development of the learner. Students, moreover, can expect to receive further assistance in homework and coursework activities from our academic instructors. 


To foster an educational environment that is essentially interactive, one of Cycles Learning Centre’s primary missions is to shape scholarly surroundings that promote and cultivate dynamic learning.  
With consistent adaptation of models that are collaborative and colloquial, we aim to help form worthwhile classroom experiences. 
Hone learners to have sharpened minds and improved critical thinking. 
Mastery and proficiency in core subjects are our principal end goals. The educators of Cycles Learning Centre are committed to the institution’s mission to polish and cultivate the learners’ logical reasoning and rational thought. Through the curriculum’s inquiry-based technique, students are expected to grow as interpretative thinkers who are versed and well-informed. 
Instill holistic development to the learners through the virtue of proper training. 
We continually strive to provide educational journeys that are not only focused on intellectual refinement, but Cycles Learning Centre is dedicated in preparing its students in all aspects of personal development – emotional, social, and spiritual facets included. 


The learner’s passion to pursue and seek knowledge is the heart of Cycles Learning Centre’s approach. Substantially inquiry-based, the methods of the centre are highly interactional and are profoundly centered on the student. 
Inquiry-based Learning 
The inquiry-based method is an active learning approach wherein the discussions leading to knowledge is initiated by the presentation of questions or scenarios by an instructor and/or the student. The process is largely deductive, as Cycles Learning Centre’s curricula do not only teach, but instead also instill the motivation and the autonomy to learn. 
Responsive and Proactive Curricula 
We at Cycles Learning Centre place utmost importance to the learning environment that our institution provides. Transparent communication and professional relationships are ensured by all of our educators and staff. We are proactive, and we cherish and appreciate the presence of feedback. 


Value Infusion 
True wisdom can be found in a learner’s practice of virtue, which is why in Cycles Learning Centre, we believe that knowledge must always go hand in hand with character. Fundamental values, such as ethical principles and moral codes, are embedded into our teaching methods. To set outstanding examples for the learners, the Centre ensures that these morals are displayed by our staff at all times. 
Critical Comprehension 
Aside from sharpening the minds of our learners, our tutors at Cycles Learning Centre train students to become analytical thinkers. All courses are prepared to have activities that target critical reasoning to cater the enhanced improvement of our learners. 
Holistic Development 
With the combination of value and knowledge, Cycles Learning Centre aims to promote and provide holistic development to the learners. This holistic approach targets to support the students’ growth in terms of five components: physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual. 

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